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Hello, My name is Max Miller.

   I do a lot of research on medicine and healing, as well as alternative fuels. In this research I found a need to design and make my own circuits.    I was of need of a pulsing circuit for LED lights, one day. What I made was a pretty much bullet proof pulsing circuit. Now I offer that circuit to the world. It is in a nice aluminum box with a power supply and heatsinks to handle a fair load. It also comes with a 660nm LED light, for experiments.


    NASA has been researching a similar light for a long time.



    You can research healing photons or healing light and find much research has been done. Even studies by universities, mainly in south america. Doctors in China and Russia have been researching it for a long time.


   Here is a short bit of info on it.



   Short description is that the light is energy and the cells react to it, similar to the way a plant reacts to sunlight. A pulsing monochromatic light has more chance of the photons exciting the electrons. I would suggest an internet search for that, as theories are very different.


   I am not a doctor, so I can not go into much detail, but a simple internet search will find an endless amount of devices using LEDs for all kinds of things. Most suggest the first use be less then 5 min. Just shine the light onto the spot that has a problem. Most also agree that 660nm red is non harmful. Other color spectrums may actually be harmful. 

  --------Possible side effects for 660nm(from internet research).---------

-- Eyes will be damaged if you shine it into your eyes.

-- To long in one spot may burn the tissue. 5 min in one spot may be long enough.

--- Possible fever. An in depth internet search says... The fever may be caused by dead bacteria in the blood. The body will pass these out through the urine. Thus try it for 5 minutes first. Then move on to more time.

-------Where to use--------

--On the spot of pain or sign of swelling.

--Also the arteries or veins in the wrist, neck, and groin, as well as the belly button.


What I have made is a powerful device with a well made circuit for testing. There should be no problem with the circuit itself. The power supply is easily changed, from 7 to 16 volt DC 1200ma. The cord is easy to replace with any Mono MP3 cord. The light itself is focused and should last for years.


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