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This is my gift to humanity. irondmax.com


  This is a pulsing light device, set at 20Hz 50% duty cycle, 660nm spectrum. A powerful intense pulsed LED. Very useful for a multitude of applications.

  Some highly educated researchers are looking into constant current LED and pulsed LED technology for various applications. The problem is finding a circuit that pulses a high value LED with sharp pulses and a fair amount of power. Until now, researchers have been limited to small laser pointers and limited pulse circuits that they could find. Thus research into the field of pulsed photon energy has been limited.

   Now I offer a solution to the problem. This circuit makes a sharp square wave pulse from roughly 1Hz to 40KHz. The frequency is factory set inside the box, but an external potentiometer and selector switch can be added for a wide range of frequencies. As well as a frequency counter.

  So....  I am not a doctor and do not suggest this to treat or heal anything. Nor do I suggest unqualified people trying to treat theirself for anything. I do offer this for sale at irondmax.com as some assembly required. Anyone who buys and assembles this product, takes full responsibility for the use of their unit. This unit is sold as experimental and unasembled. I am not  responsible for its use or misuse. 

  Now let us look at what NASA has been looking into.


Clearly they have done the research for us. Page last updated on march of 2011.

  This is a good quick reference about healing light.


Quote ...."red light therapy has now been thoroughly researched and FDA approved for anti-aging and pain relief, with wound care applications soon to follow." end of quote.

To read about how Blood irradiation first came into being, try this book. by Kenneth J. Dillon 
Healing Photons: The Science & Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy


  It is all about power and focus of light and cells. Research it for yourself.

Testimonials to follow as they come in.

Thank you for your support, and GOD help us all!

Max Miller

For more information about this light, email me at 


Price: US$150.00

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